Saturday, September 3, 2011


This post isn't strictly about education funding issues, but you'll see plenty of insightful writing about that issue and other challenges to public education. Before starting law school I worked at the Center for Teaching Quality, a nonprofit focused on empowering teachers as key agents for strengthening public education. They focus on improving the teaching profession by creating better compensation, career development and leadership opportunities to attract the best and brightest, but also on putting teacher voice at the center of education reform. Who better to understand how to improve what goes on in classrooms than the best teachers?

One of the best conduits for teacher voice is the collection of teacher-written blogs that CTQ publishes. They've launched the blogs on a new site called transformED, and I definitely recommend that you take a look. You'll see teachers writing about pedagogy, but also about education policy from their perspective. Technology extraordinaire Bill Ferriter is located in Wake County, so be sure to check out his blog for the North Carolina angle.

CTQ's work has exploded to the national level. While BIKE NC is focusing on state-level organizations right now, I would be remiss not to include these teachers on my list of good things happening in education.

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