Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Highest poverty levels in my lifetime

Today newspapers across the country reported that our nation is seeing the highest poverty levels since 1983. I was born in 1985. That means people my age - older Millennials - are witnessing their country in the worst shape of their lives. Because what else can we call it, when almost 20% of our fellow citizens live below the poverty line, unable to meet basic needs?

For education, this means:
  • There are more children living in poverty, so more children than ever need help getting on even footing before they enter the classroom.
  • That means that public education needs more resources than ever.
  • But in a down economy, education and support services that help low income families are strapped for cash - so kids have even fewer supports to succeed in school.
The East Durham Children's Initiative is focused on the success of an entire neighborhood in Durham. Finding creative ways to connect to the community and meet kids needs from day one. Smart Start is serving as many kids as it can with early childhood education despite wrenching budget cuts. And Advocates for Children's Services is promoting kids' rights and helping them stay in school. Support these organizations with a donation to BIKE NC, and your donation not only goes toward a worthy cause, but help sends a message. We believe in equal opportunities in education. We believe that communities and government must support and invest in education. That's why I'm pedaling. Thank you.

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