Monday, September 19, 2011

My route!!!!

My route for the BIKE NC ride snakes along North Carolina's back roads, meandering from Banner Elk in the state's Northwestern corner down toward the Southeastern corner, ending at Emerald Isle. I will pass through Triangle - torturously close to home. I might even be able to sleep a night in my own bed, depending how time goes. But anyway, here is my journey!

Day 1: Banner Elk to Wilkesboro - 69.14 miles (doing less in the mountains)

Day 2: Wilkesboro to Clemmons - 61.44 miles (may do more this day, but planned conservatively for the foothills)

Day 3: Clemmons to Bynum - 100.916 miles (still very hilly)

Day 4: Bynum to Goldsboro - 107.4122 miles (flattening out)

Day 5: Goldsboro to Emerald Isle: 107.122 miles

=445.32. This leaves me with about 30 miles to make up, which I may do getting lost, getting to the hotel, etc. OR I will simply turn up the main drag of Emerald Isle toward Atlantic Beach to log the last 30 miles. I will watch my GPS watch turn over to 476, symbolic of the 476 MILLION dollars cut from the state education budget this summer.

If you are moved a little bit, by my journey, or the urgent need for all children to have an opportunity to succeed, or both of these things, please consider making a donation to BIKE NC.

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